Watch the Trailer for Alien Predator, the Mockbuster The Asylum Made for the Release of The Predator

The hunt may have evolved, but The Asylum is still doing mockbusters the old fashioned way. We’re about a week out from The Predator hunting theaters once more. That means we’re also even closer to the arrival of The Asylum’s Alien Predator stalking streaming services, and we’ve got the trailer.

Alien Predator looks to tweak the tried and true Predator formula by sending a highly trained military squad into the brush in search of a down UFO, only to find themselves up against an unfriendly extraterrestrial on its own violent expedition.

A black ops reconnaissance team is sent to investigate the crash of an unidentified aircraft. When they arrive, they find strange markings and residue visible only in infrared. As the team gets deeper in and tries to figure out the source of the markings, they discover that they are being hunted by an alien expedition to Earth.

Xavi Israel, Alex West, Philip Nathaniel, Amanda Rivas, Sebastien Charmant, and Kris Black are the prey hoping not to be laser blasted, hacked and slashed, and blown up by the Alien Predator sent on the prowl by director Jared Cohn and writer Bill Hanstock.

The hunt is on VOD/DVD beginning September 11th, which, as I’m sure you have noted, is just a few days before the opening of a certain other film with the same title if you replace “Alien” with “The.

So disappointed they didn’t call this one The Alien Predator or, better yet, An Alien Predator or, best of all, That Alien Predator.

Snark all you want. Alien Predator has to be better than The Asylum’s last stab at a predatory mockbuster: Alien vs. Hunter. God help us all if it’s not.

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