YouTube Removes The Nun Ad After Users Complain of Jump Scares

We’re rarely rendered “speechless” around here, but this? Yep. This has just about done it. Apparently jump scares, or videos/ads containing jump scares, are too much for some viewers on YouTube.

Save a life?

Of course YouTube replied swiftly…

You’ll find the “offending” ad below.

Next up: a ban on surprise parties, a movement against Cracker Jack prizes, and a recall of all Jack in the Box related products that do not affect your gastrointestinal/digestive system.

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The Nun opens in theaters on September 7th.

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  1. If you don’t pay for YouTube Red, then there are ads in the middle of videos. If you weren’t paying full attention, saw the volume being effected, then got close to your computer or phone, you’d get horrible things shoved into your brain. Although I think that is hysterical, wait.. no, that sentence is done. It’s hysterical.

  2. here I thought it would be removed for it’s Christophobia. $500 says if there was a movie called “The Hijabi” with a demon wearing a hijab, it’d be banned for ‘Islamophobia’

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