Zak Bagans Addresses Controversial Comments Made During Live Halloween Broadcast

Live TV. Anything can happen, man. On this past Wednesday’s four-hour live “Ghost Adventures” Halloween investigation of Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, anything did. The controversy stemmed from the comments made by Rabbi Shea Harlig during a segment on the much talked about Dybbuk Box.

During the segment Rabbi Harlig mentioned something to Bagans along the lines of “Okay, I’ll just go along with your script.” As you can imagine, once this was uttered, the Interwebs came alive with people crying fake and foul. No one could blame anyone for their anger. However, it’s now time for some clarification… In truth, the Rabbi hadn’t met Bagans before. The Rabbi went into the situation blindly. The only thing he knew for sure was that he was there to say a prayer and he was on TV. Harlig figured that since it was something being made for television, he was there to be told what to do. Hence, his usage of the word “script.

The Rabbi and Bagans explain in the below video.

On a personal level I can tell you this… I’ve known Zak for many, many years and have been lucky enough to get to know and work with him. I can assure you guys that when he’s live, nothing but the general details are ever planned beforehand. There’s never a script as you cannot predict what’s going to happen on live television. This is a perfect example of that. To my knowledge neither Bagans or anyone on his crew has ever fed dialogue to anyone. That’s the beauty of the show and a key part of why it’s so successful. Zak, Billy, Aaron, and Jay are just regular guys, interviewing regular people about a subject that is anything but regular. That’s part of why “Ghost Adventures” has remained so compelling over the years.

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